Lovely sunset

Lovely sunset

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Projects

Having the summers off is a blessing, that is for sure.  I am desperately in need of time to breathe, to unwind, to find myself again after a hectic school year.  You will never hear me complain about too much time off in the summer. You will never hear me complain about the days seeming to drag. But, (you could hear the "but" coming, couldn't you?) there is a certain pressure to summer also. There is a pressure to finish all those projects you put off all year long. Remember the ones where you said, "Boy, I wish I could get to that ...for sure I will in the summer." There is a pressure to plan events and activities. The cruise director position is mine and mine alone. Finally, there is a pressure to find the perfect ideas to use in the classroom next year. You know, ...if I just had this, could make this, could do this, do what she did etc.. my year would be so much better. I call it "Pressured Optimism." If I can just figure it out, my upcoming 180 some days will perfection. 

I am at that point right now. It's been a few weeks of blissful rest and now I am starting to feel like the family is looking at me and saying, "Hmmm, what did she do today?" Sometimes even I look at myself and say, "What did I do today?"  Somehow, I don't think they will find "I read a book from start to finish!" any great accomplishment.  It is though.  If I said, " Hah, I killed the laundry pile -- 12 loads washed, folded, put away!" my husband would be impressed. yuk. If I said, " Went grocery shopping, dropped off dry cleaning, scheduled hair appointments and dentist appointments," my husband would be impressed.Not me. 

I have read three books already. That is low for me.  I usually head to the library on the first Monday of break and lug home 10 or 12 books. Haven't done that yet.  I do have a Kindle. Don't love it.  Like it ..sorta. Will at some point sit at my computer and upload some books. (no wifi in my house) I have started this blog. No one in the house will care about that either. My grown son, Bill, is impressed but he lives in Minnesota and not in my household anymore. Not sure he counts (in that way..).So, even at trying to be mildly ambitious, I am failing in the reading regard. But I think I am winning in the writing regard.

I have accomplished a few projects so far.  I managed to get/hire someone to put hardwood flooring in my daughter's bedroom.  That has been on the list for a couple of years.  I also have just purchased the flooring for a second bedroom. Will need to completely empty that room this week.  :( That is simply not fun and ends up being very much like work. But when it is done, I will feel accomplished again.  I also assembled a shoe organizer for my daughter today. HAH! That included using a screw driver and a hammer. Definitely feeling accomplished about that. Even Ally (my daughter) commented as she was filling it up (way too quickly with her millions of shoes), "This is flipping genius, Mother!" A good day indeed.
The Shoe Storage Project

 I have planned a few events so far. I had a July 4th picnic here and it went off without a hitch except for the 88% humidity... that was unpleasant.  However, I have been lobbying for a while to have some sort of shade created for my deck and that picnic was the defining moment. My husband has agreed now that we do indeed need more shade on the deck! Victory is mine.  This is important because I have another event planned for that deck, an Engagement Celebration Picnic for Billy and his fiance, Erin. That is a few weeks away.  Hopefully, the deck will be gloriously shaded by then.  

I have a few ideas percolating with regards to the upcoming school year. I hesitate to say I am working on them because, well, I am not. It is just too soon. I need the month of July to clear my head and heart from the previous year. I love my kiddos and they seem to love me back. I just don't want to think about grading or planning or evaluations, Common Core, APPR ...yuk. I am having none of it right now. August is when I am ready. August is when I will drag out the bag of materials I brought home to work on over the summer. August, which often seems like a very long Sunday night, is when I begin to sit up and think about what I can do to make it the very best year ever. August.  It is only July 9th. I can wait. Can you hear me breathing?

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