Lovely sunset

Lovely sunset

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hamlin Beach State Park, Lake Ontario

Went to the lake yesterday. Well, not yesterday. It was true when I first tried to find time to write. Then I had to stop to help my daughter find all her soccer gear for her game yesterday. Mind you, I had asked her to get it all ready the night before so that she wouldn't struggle to find things at 7:30 am.  What do I know...I am just "the mother."

Our Favorite Tree
But, we did go to the lake two days ago.  We started this tradition some years ago. I love just sitting and looking at the lake. Boy, does that make me sound old. But it is true. There is something truly relaxing about the water with the breeze blowing past you and the familiar comforting sounds. The sounds that are the same ones I heard as a child at my grandparent's cottage wrapping themselves around me.. Never mind it isn't the same spot I used to hear them from. The sounds, the smells, the's all the same.  The water was crystal clear on Saturday. Barely a ripple. So you really had to listen for the soft shush, shush, shush as the waves gently lapped onto the shore. But those sounds triggered a memory of lying upstairs at the cottage  in the squishy twin bed with the white dotted-swiss comforter feeling  totally worn out from a whole day of swimming. You know the feeling when you close your eyes it feels like you are still in the water being shoved around by the waves? The gentle shush, shush, shush of the lake would send me to sleep in minutes. I heard that sound clearly.

The water looked so inviting; I had to give it a try. My husband and I walked down by the shore and I took off my socks and shoes to put my feet in. Icy. That is what it was. I gingerly stepped in to just below my knees. Icy. It was really cold. Looking around at the roped-off swimming area, I saw people in up to their shoulders. Impressive! Apparently, the water temp was about 57 degrees. I don't remember that! I don't ever remember, as a kid, saying the water was too cold to swim. No one ever said that.

This has been a very rainy stormy summer so my guess is that the water turned over and that is why it was so cold. We chatted about husband, "the king of informational tidbits gleaned from the local pennysavers," questioned the validity of my "lake turns over in a storm" theory.  How do I know that? Harummph. Cause that's what I always heard about the lake. He never went to a cottage. I cupped the water and poured it over my arms. Also amazing. So refreshing. No way I would go in any further but it just felt so crisp and inviting and invigorating. My husband was content to watch me from the shore line. He had no interest in dipping any part of himself into that icy lake.

My Brother and his family
We worked our way up the sandy incline to the sidewalk above.  There are so many areas to Hamlin Beach State Park that are soooo beautiful. It always astounds me that it is hardly ever crowded there. Rochesterians are so silly to ignore this treasure that is a mere 30 minutes away from the city.  However, I love the way the park seems to be waiting just for me. Our favorite spots are always available for us. They are all ready to choose to set up our picnics.  The tree that the kids love to climb up into is ready for boarding.  The grassy area just right for bocce? Yep, was waiting for us.  Picnic tables ready for picnicking? well, they were broken at our favorite spot but, no worries...we just (well, I say "we" but it really was my daughter and husband) dragged one over from another location to our spot.

Hamlin Beach Sunset
I can feel my blood pressure dropping whenever we go to the park. The lake, the sounds, the smells, the trees...just all of it makes you feel so much happier. It doesn't even bother me that it costs $7.00 to enter the park. That is a small price to pay for a whole day of relaxation.  Even better? I can usually get my husband to pack up all the food, coolers, and games etc. to get us on the road.  Love, love, love me some picnicking at Hamlin. One of my favorite summer things to do.

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