Lovely sunset

Lovely sunset

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Me... A Blogger?

Interestingly enough, I have won an award in technology. I am a "Twenty Educators to Watch in the field of Technology" award winner. Hah. I am bewildered, perplexed, puzzled, intrigued by the process of creating a blog. I finally resorted to calling my twenty-something son for assistance.  How lame is that? I know if you have a blog, you are probably wondering what is wrong with me.  

Is it possible to be technologically "handy" (I prefer that over proficient) yet bumbling at the same time? Why is this process so difficult to navigate? You see I created the Google account. Then created the blog. (I thought) Then I looked for where to post but instead was asked did I want to create a blog?! Ahah! First Base! (Laurel and Hardy know where I am headed with this.) 

So that was the first phone call. In creating the blog, I was asked to name it and then choose a URL. Hmmm. Thought I did name it.  Nuts.  Some clarification from my son and I simply typed the same thing into both windows.  That may or may not have been correct but it got me to this point and Voila I may be blogging. So, this will be a process but it is on my bucket list for this summer.  Really, how can you wear a technology award if you don't know how to create a blog? Seriously. Step down.  More thoughts later, I am going to see if this really worked! (hope I can remember all the signins etc....)